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Nearly 3,000 new homes planned for City of Statesboro

Developers are scrambling to build new homes inside the City of Statesboro. Housing inventory remains at an all time low, while extraordinary population growth is projected. Learn more about projects in progress to create more single family homes, townhouses, and multi-family homes.
New home construction in the Hartford neighborhood in Statesboro

The City of Statesboro has approved a significant number of housing developments over the past 3 years. These range from general zoning approvals to actual property subdivisions. Kathy Fields, Director of Planning and Development, presented an update to the City of Statesboro on new home construction coming to the city at a recent works session for City Council. Fields thanked Justin Williams, Planing and Housing Administrator, along with her staff for helping put this update together.

In their report, Fields noted there are 2,270 housing units that have been approved with 617 more in process of approval.

Charles Penny, City Manager, said that if these projects are all completed, it could account for $400 million in new residential construction in the City.

This report only includes new home construction. It does not include commercial or industrial developments coming to the City.


Below are a list of large projects that have been approved. This does not account for smaller developments of less than 20 homes.

Large development totals:

  •   377 - Single-Family Detached Homes
  •   223 - Single Family Attached Homes
  •   914 - Townhouses 
  •   733 - Multi-Family Homes

Upcoming Projects

  • 335 Single-Family and Townhome units on Burkhalter Road
  • 102 Townhouse Units on Langston Chapel Road
  • 90 Townhouse Units on Westside Road
  • 90 Single-Family Detached units on Stockyard Road

Projects status

S&S Railroad Bed (W&L Developers):

  • Approved under AN 20-10-05 & RZ 22-05-04
  • Annexed as Single-Family and Rezoned for Townhouses
  • 41 units
  • Land Disturbance Pending Plan Revision: Property not Subdivided

Cawana Road (Valnoc):

  • Approved under RZ 21-03-04
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Partial Townhouse & Single-Family Development
  • 231 (200 townhouse & 31 house) units
  • Land Disturbance Issued: Construction halted under new Developer

Bryant’s Landing (LIHTC w/ BOE):

  • Approved under RZ 21-03-05
  • Multi-Family Senior Housing Development
  • 59 units
  • Land Disturbance Issued: Building Permit Ready for Issue
  • Property entering final due diligence for closing, and should begin construction at the end of October

Fernhill Farms (Subdivision Incentive Project):

  • Approved under AN 21-07-07 & RZ 21-07-08
  • Single-Family Development
  • 80 units
  • Land Disturbance Issued: Land Currently being prepared for building 

University Plaza (Rael Development LLC):

  • Approved under RZ 22-01-04
  • Multi-Family Development
  • 290 units
  • Demolition taking place: Building Plans Under Revision

Veterans Memorial Townhomes (Horizon Homebuilders):

  • Approved under RZ 22-05-02
  • Townhouse Development
  • 172 units
  • Property Under Development: Building Permits Imminent

Jones Mill Road Townhomes (Simcoe Investment Group):

  • Approved under RZ 22-08-01
  • Townhouse Development
  • 151 units
  • Land Disturbance Permit Under Review

East Main Street Townhomes (Horizon Home Builders):

  • Approved under RZ 22-08-03
  • Townhouse Development
  • 245 units
  • Land Disturbance Permit Not Issued: No Development Plans Submitted

S&S Railroad Bed Development (L&S Acquisitions):

  • Approved under RZ 22-08-04
  • Single-Family Development
  • 140 units
  • Land Disturbance Not Issued: No Development Plans Submitted

Miller Street Project #1 (Domenic Spencer):

  • Approved under RZ 22-10-03
  • Multi-Family Development
  • 168 units
  • Land Disturbance Permit Not Issued: No Development Plans Submitted

Cawana Road Townhomes #1 (Simcoe Investment Group):

  • Approved under RZ 23-01-01
  • Townhouse Development
  • 34 units
  • Land Disturbance Permit Not Issued: No Development Plans Submitted

Cawana Road Townhomes #2 (Simcoe Investment Group):

  • Approved under RZ 23-01-02
  • Townhouse Development
  • 71 units
  • Land Disturbance Permit Not Issued: No Development Plans Submitted

Bel Air Estates (Lamar Smith):

  • Approved under AN 23-04-01 & RZ 23-04-02
  • Single-family Development
  • 126 units
  • Development Plans Under Review: Awaiting Final Subdivision

Gordon Street Subdivision (David Pearce/Mitchell Ball):

  • Approved under SUB 23-08-02 & SUB 23-08-03
  • Single-Family Attached Subdivision
  • 41 units
  • No Land Disturbance Issued: Development Plans Under Review

Miller Street Project #2 (KB Rentals LLC):

  • Approved under RZ 23-08-04 & RZ 23-08-05
  • Single-Family Attached Subdivision
  • 182 units
  • No Land Disturbance Issued: No Development Plan Submitted

Lovett Road (Hillpointe, LLC)

  • Approved MX RZ 23-09-02
  • Multi-family development
  • 216 units
  • No Land Disturbance Issued: Awaiting Development Plans