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Mentee Becomes Mentor: Shanya Sherman gives back to Our Girls Rock Too

Shanya Sherman, a college student who graduated from the Our Girls Rock Too program, cites her mentors as her inspiration for many things in her life, including the decision to return as a mentor. "They inspired me to be great, to do great, and become a leader."

Shanya Sherman is a living example of a true leader; she has been inspired by the team at Our Girls Rock Too, Inc., a local nonprofit organization that mentors girls ages 6-18 of "all ethnicities, sizes, and beliefs," and she chooses to guide mentees who are a part of the same program. She joined OGR2 in 2014. 

"Anytime I needed to talk to somebody about something I didn't know, I could always go to my mentor about it," Sherman says. 

Her mentors included founder Stacey Grant, Veronica CheersLeighanna Taylor, and Ros Roberson.

Sherman came to trust this team of women and knew she could lean on them for guidance when she had questions about her future or how she should approach college. 

"I loved how my mentors poured into me and loved me at a young age," she says. 


This made Sherman want to give back to girls who are navigating the adolescent and teen years just as she did a decade ago. Now she is a vital part of helping young girls build their confidence and find their voice.

A 2019 graduate of Statesboro High School, Sherman now attends Ogeechee Technical College. She is majoring in Early Childhood Education, and will graduate in May of 2025. She hopes to open her own daycare someday. 

One of the things she liked about OGR2 as a teen was the chance to mingle with other girls her age. The program provided an intimate setting so the girls could get to know one another and form lasting bonds.


"I really enjoyed meeting new people. Most of the girls that were in the group with me went to high school with me, but I never got a chance to see them," Sherman explains. 

Mingling with people as a teenager gave Sherman the self-assurance to network, a skill for success that is embedded in the OGR2 program. The annual conference is an ideal opportunity for mentees to practice these skills.


Sherman realized that continuing in OGR2 in a different capacity was the perfect way to give back to the program that was life-changing for her. 


"When I graduated, I wanted to give back to the community, but I didn't know how to do it, so I talked to Ms. Stacey (Grant) and asked if I could volunteer with the girls in the program, and I've just been volunteering ever since," Sherman says.

The 23-year-old is excited about her future and the opportunities she has as a result of completing and continuing in the OGR2 program. 

"Following through, asking questions that I need to ask, doing the work I need to do, and empowering myself with the program, I'm trying to reach for the sky because the sky's the limit."