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Young entrepreneur Landon Young says a beautiful lawn doesn't happen by itself

Portal Middle High School Senior has owned a successful lawn care business since 2016!
Young entrepreneur Landon Young of Portal has run his own lawn care business for years now. Credit: Young Family

A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself, according to Landon Young, Portal Middle High School Senior. In 2016, Landon started Landon’s Lawn Care, LLC and with the help of his father, Cliff Young, he has been operating a successful lawn care business ever since. You read that right. Landon was in the 7th grade when he first started his lawn care business!

The first question that I asked Landon was, “what made you want to go into business at such a young age?” Landon responded, “my parents. My mom especially. My mom is very determined that I understand how to be an employee and an employer.”

Landon remarked that he is inspired by his parents, and his late grandmother. Landon said, “I am inspired by their hard work and dedication.” According to Landon, his grandmother encouraged him because she always expected so much from him. Landon stated, “I can’t ever let her down. She was my biggest supporter.”

"It's hard work, but I do enjoy looking at a pretty yard!"

Landon Young

I asked Landon what his favorite part of the lawn care business is. He replied, “seeing the finished product.” Landon continued, “It’s hard work, but I do enjoy looking at a pretty yard!”

Landon Young operating tractor. (Photo provided by Yevette McCall)

It’s not often that you find a high school aged student who owns an established business and doesn’t mind hard work. I asked Landon, “what do you find challenging about working for yourself?” He replied, “equipment break downs in the middle of a job is the worst.” He went further to explain, “otherwise, my mom and dad handle the hard stuff, but they make sure I understand the ups and downs of the business."

"I enjoy hearing Rev. Francys Johnson preach."

Landon Young

Lawn care isn’t the only thing that Landon is involved in. At Portal, he plays football, and participates in track. Landon stated, “I love track! I throw disc and shot put.” Landon is also involved in church. He is an usher at Dixon Branch Baptist Church in Rocky Ford for Rev. Perry Cooper. Landon made sure to point out that he also sometimes attends Magnolia Baptist Church. He said, “I enjoy hearing Rev. Francys Johnson preach.”

"I am very blessed to have him as a son."

Yevette McCall
Yevette with son, Landon Young (Photo provided by Yevette McCall)

Intrigued with Landon, I asked his mother, Yevette McCall, “how do you keep up with everything that he does?” She replied, “Landon’s schedule can sometimes be tight, but we manage it well. He is an easy child. I tell him what must be done, and he does it.” Yevette further stated, “I am very blessed to have him as a son.”

Landon has two brothers Rasheem, 28 and Clifton Young, 26. I asked Landon’s father, “what do you think about your son being a young entrepreneur?” He replied, “I am happy he works with me, or as he says, I work with him.”

Not only is Landon involved in school and church along with the lawn care business, but he also is very involved in the NAACP Youth Council. I learned that together with Landon’s mom, he does advocacy work for Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and Black Voters Matter.

Landon with Aniya talking about voting. (Photo provided by Yevette McCall)

"I feel like I am a part of something. My mom stresses to me that my life is bigger than me. It is about those I can help."

Landon Young

Get Out the Vote is an effort to register voters and increase voter turnout during elections. Landon and his mom encourage others to vote and register to vote all without any intent of leaning voters one way or another. GOTV doesn’t happen in just one day. It occurs over the entire voting period in which voting occurs from the second early voting begins to the last minute before the polls close. Landon and his mom call people and go door-to-door to ask registered voters to commit to vote. They also provide would-be voters with the information and assistance they need to locate and get to their polling locations. Landon likes advocacy work because he likes meeting new people. He stated, “I feel like I am a part of something. My mom stresses to me that my life is bigger than me. It is about those I can help.”

I asked Landon, “how do you keep up with school, school activities, advocacy work, and the lawn care business?” Landon said, “school is something that is not an option.” He further explained, “my mom and I talk a lot. We have lunch together and we discuss my future and expectations. I did a history class over the summer because my mom said that I need to learn real history.”

"... Just call us for your lawn care needs!"

Landon Young

Landon has plans to attend Denmark Technical College after High School. He is hoping to get a scholarship and he wants to major in Cybersecurity. I asked Landon if there was anything else that he wanted to share with me. Landon replied, “no. Just call us for your lawn care needs!”

Landon’s parents are certainly doing something right with the way that they are raising him to be an intelligent young man and actively involved in school, business, and the community. It was truly a pleasure learning about Landon. It is refreshing to see a young man so dedicated to hard work and serving others!

If would like to have Landon's Lawn Care, LLC help with your lawn care needs, call 912-690-4821 or 912-425-2087. I know he wants to see your yard looking beautiful!