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EGRMC Nurse Cheri Wagner honored with prestigious Daisy Leader 2024 Award

Discover how Cheri Wagner, a dedicated nurse at East Georgia Regional Medical Center, was honored with the prestigious Daisy Leader 2024 Award for her exceptional leadership in patient care and nursing excellence. Learn more about the impact of her compassionate leadership in the Emergency Department through the heartfelt testimonials from Cheri's colleagues and team members.

In a heartfelt ceremony held during the annual Nurses Week celebrations, Cheri Wagner was presented with the Daisy Leader 2024 Award by Marie Burdett, the Chief Nursing Officer at East Georgia Regional Medical Center. This distinguished award, known as one of the highest accolades in nursing leadership, recognizes Cheri's exceptional dedication to patient care and unwavering commitment to nursing excellence.

The Daisy Leader award was established by the DAISY Foundation in 1999 in memory of Patrick Barnes. Each recipient of this prestigious award is honored with the Healer's Touch Sculpture, a striking work of art meticulously hand-carved from serpentine stone by a gifted Shona artist from Zimbabwe, embodying the profound connection between nurses and the individuals they serve.

In a moving address at the awards ceremony, Burdett emphasized the pivotal role of nurse leaders like Wagner in fostering a nurturing and supportive environment that upholds the highest standards of patient care. Burdett underscored the importance of providing essential resources for the healthcare team, nurturing team development, and recognizing the invaluable contributions of nurses in delivering compassionate care to patients and their families.

Colleagues and team members alike spoke of Cheri Wagner's exemplary leadership qualities. Known for her tireless work ethic, dedication to teamwork, and unwavering commitment to accountability, Cheri was described as a mentor, patient advocate, and compassionate leader who consistently places the needs of others at the forefront of her work.

Cheri Wagner with ED team members | Jaime Riggs

Testimonials from Cheri's team members highlighted her hands-on approach, her trust in the team to make critical decisions, and her genuine care for each individual within her department. Her leadership style, characterized by kindness, loyalty, and a steadfast commitment to fostering a cohesive and supportive team environment, garnered widespread admiration and respect from those who have had the privilege of working alongside her.

In a special tribute, Marie Burdett expressed profound admiration for Cheri's growth and evolution as a leader, culminating in her well deserved recognition with the Daisy Leader 2024 Award. Cheri's leadership in the Emergency Department was commended not merely for directing the team, but for inspiring and guiding them towards excellence and compassion in patient care, setting a shining example for all healthcare professionals at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.

As the community comes together to celebrate Cheri Wagner's extraordinary achievements, her lasting impact as a beacon of nursing leadership and unwavering advocate for patient well-being serves as an inspiration to all.

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