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Young Philanthropist Rusch Goswick turns basketballs into action!

Basketball is the game and Rusch is his name!

Metter, GA is home to a young philanthropist named Rusch Goswick who has a love for basketball that he intends to share with every child that he possibly can.

Rusch Goswick is an eighth-grade student at Metter Middle School. He is on the school basketball team, and he plays travel ball. He is President for the SE District Board 4-H, and he volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club. While working on a 4-H Leadership in Action Project, Rusch came up with an idea to get more kids excited to play basketball.

Rusch dressed to impress at a 4-H event. (Credit: Hannah Mullins)

Rusch’s love of basketball started when he was about four years old. His mother, Hannah Mullins, stated, “he has been playing with a basketball ever since he first picked one up.” Together with the help of his mom, Rusch created The Swish System. A fully functional 501-c3 non-profit organization!

Rusch shares his love of basketball

He had a dream of being able to share his love of basketball. Rusch stated, “My hope is for every child to have the opportunity to learn to love the game as much as I do, so I want them to have their own basketball to practice with at home.”

This is where The Swish System comes in. He created a flyer that read, “Every kid who signs up for Metter-Candler Recreation Basketball, gets a basketball for free!” This was a direct way to reach every child from ages 5 to 12 through the recreation department.

Swish System Flyer (Credit: Rusch Goswick)

"Once we started sharing the flyer, other people started sharing and there were even several people who stepped up, called and paid for kids' registration to play!"

Rusch Goswick

Donations started rolling in

Shortly after Rusch displayed his flyer, he received his first donation from a large business who wishes to remain anonymous. With his first check in hand, Rusch and his mother got to work putting the organization together. Rusch’s mother said, “Krissy Edenfield with Davis Marketing was instrumental through donation of her time and talent. She helped create The Swish System logo.”

Rusch with a Swish System basketball. (Credit: Hannah Mullins)

Rusch and his mom ordered 100 basketballs with The Swish System logo imprinted on them. Then they ordered pumps to go along with the basketballs.

On January 9th, 2022, Rusch held an event at the Metter-Candler Recreation Department where he was able to speak with all of the kids who signed up for basketball. He shared some fun facts about basketball, completed a survey with each of them, and then the fun began. He delivered on his promise and handed out 72 basketballs. Hannah shared, “normally the recreation department will have about 50 kids sign up to play. This year, they had a whopping 72 kids excited to play basketball!”

Kids were so happy to get a basketball

Rusch shared, "each of the kids were so happy to receive a basketball that they could take home to practice with and call their own." He continued, “I knew then that I am able to make an impact and I want to continue to make a difference.”

Rusch is now learning about grant funding and finding ways to find dollars that will help local causes especially disadvantaged children and teens. He and his mother are already looking at more projects they can do down the road.

“Encouraging kids to play organized basketball helps them in so many ways,” said Hannah. “Sports can be a good way to reach kids and connect with them more.”

Rusch stated, “going to practice and meeting people are the best things to help you get better with basketball.”

"It may not be the most expensive thing, but it will last a long while. You can get a whole lot of memories out of just one singular basketball!"

Rusch Goswick

We at Grice Connect are excited to see what the future holds for Rusch and his organization, The Swish System. If you would like to help Rusch make a difference, send an email to: [email protected].