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WEEKLY REPORT | 329 new COVID Cases in 14 days in Bulloch | 3 month old positive

Georgia and Bulloch County are experiencing the full brunt of the highly contagious Delta Variant of COVID-19. It is racing through unvaccinated citizens comparatively to chicken pox .

Georgia and Bulloch County are experiencing the full brunt of the highly contagious Delta Variant of COVID-19. It is racing through unvaccinated citizens comparatively to chicken pox.

This past week one local provider had a three month old child who tested positive for COVID. It is believed to be the youngest to test positive in Bulloch County.

Our health care workers are exhausted physically and mentally. The unvaccinated wave of the pandemic is packing the punch of everything that was promised.

East Georgia Regional Medical is reporting 27 COVID patients with 5 on vents.

Urgent care and providers are having to ration COVID test because they simply can't keep up with demand.

GA DPH is reporting 207 new cases in Bulloch over the last seven days and 329 new cases over the last two weeks.

Evans County Leads State in positivity rates / postpones start of school

Evans County risk level is SEVERE. It is now number one in Georgia for positive test rates and number 3 in daily new cases per capita.

Evans County Schools has postponed the start of school for at least one week. When students do return, they will be required to wear a mask.

Vaccinated should now wear mask inside

In areas with substantial and high transmission (which includes Bulloch County, the CDC recommends that everyone (including fully vaccinated individuals) wear a mask in public indoor settings to help prevent spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

Vaccines are Free and CONFIDENTIAL

COVID vaccines are free and widely available statewide without insurance or identification. To find a vaccination location or to schedule an appointment, visit All vaccine providers keep vaccinations confidential.

McCook's Pharmacy has a 150 doses of Pfizer Vaccine which is needed for children 12 to 15.

Unvaccinated Accounting for Majority of Hospitalizations and Deaths

PBS: The DPH looked at what it calls “breakthrough cases.” That’s people who got sick and in very few cases died, even though they were fully vaccinated. 

Comparing those numbers to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention records of COVID-19 cases and deaths, a little more than 98% of the over 335,000 COVID cases recorded in the study period were among the unvaccinated. 

The same is true with COVID deaths. Over 99% of the 9,000-plus people who died of the disease in the past seven months were also unvaccinated.

Additionally, every one of the 24 breakthrough deaths was of someone older than 60. Over half of them, 15 total, were older than 80.

Of the nearly 165 million people who’ve been fully vaccinated in the US, at least 125,000 (or 0.08%) have tested positive for Covid-19 and 1,400 (less than 0.001%) have died, according to an NBC News analysis of infections in 38 states. There are caveats—12 states’ data is missing and asymptomatic infections are also likely slipping by unnoticed—but the numbers show that the vaccines are highly effective in preventing serious illness from Covid-19. 



About This Report:

A special thanks to Dr. Frank Davis, M.D. F.A.C.S, a retired trauma surgeon who lives in Bulloch County. He has worked closely with the Grice Connect team to design the COVID-19 dashboard and provide brief interpretation of the data. You will be seeing and hearing more from Dr. Davis as an important member of the GC team. We will continue to update and adapt the data in this report to make it relevant. We have shifted our emphasis to vaccinations, while continuing to provide daily Coroncavirus impact.

Thanks for supporting and following Grice Connect.