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Local students awarded scholarships for pursuing careers in education

Four Bulloch County students who plan to become teachers recently received scholarships from the Bulloch Retired Educators Association.

The Bulloch Retired Educators Association recently presented scholarships to four exceptional young individuals who were honored for their dedication to pursuing careers in education. The scholarship recipients, recognized for their outstanding academic achievements and passion for teaching, were awarded financial assistance to support their educational journeys.

The event was attended by two recipients and their parents as esteemed guests, along with others who gathered to celebrate their bright future in education. The scholarship program, co-chaired by Julie Lanier and Dr. Gwendolyn Yarbrough, is now in its tenth year and aims to support students who have a sincere intention to become teachers. 

Julie Lanier said this year they are able to increase the scholarships to $1,300 each thanks to the generous corporate support of CORE Credit Union. With these presentations, they now have given a total 33 scholarships to future educators.

One of the recipients, Amelia "Millie" Scarborough from Portal Middle High School, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to attend Georgia Southern University and major in Elementary Education. With a deep-rooted desire to give back to her community by teaching in Bulloch County, Millie's passion for working with children shone through her words.

Amelia "Millie" Scarborough

Kaylie Brown, a graduate from Southeast Bulloch High School, shared her aspirations of becoming an Agriculture Teacher at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Inspired by her agriculture teacher's impact on her life, Kaylie emphasized her passion for teaching and making a difference in the lives of others.

Kaylie Brown

Another scholarship recipient, Elizabeth "Elle" Greeson from Bulloch Academy, expressed her lifelong passion for education and teaching. Elle's journey towards majoring in Early Childhood Education at the University of Georgia was fueled by her experiences as an assistant teacher and her love for working with children.

Elizabeth "Elle" Greeson

Audrey Thomas, a student from Southeast Bulloch High School, shared her belief in the transformative power of education and her dedication to pursuing a degree in Special Education at the University of Georgia. Through her volunteer work and experiences in various educational settings, Audrey discovered her true calling in making a difference through teaching.

Audrey Thomas

The scholarship recipients were lauded by Lanier for their exceptional qualities, including dedication, passion, and a strong commitment to shaping the future through education. As they embark on their educational journeys, these young women are poised to become inspiring educators who will positively impact the lives of their students.

The Bulloch Retired Educators Association expressed its support and appreciation for the scholarship recipients, recognizing their potential to make a significant difference in the field of education. With the generous financial assistance provided by the scholarship program and the support of their mentors and community members, these bright young minds are set to embark on a fulfilling and impactful career in teaching.