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Grayson Shaw|Christian Values Investing

Who We Are

Christian Values Investing is a leader in the field of investing with a Christian perspective, known as Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). By employing a BRI approach to investing, Christian Values seeks to achieve long-term capital gains through ownership in securities of companies that are a blessing to mankind.

Traditional values and traditional families are being bombarded with cultural pollution. Biblical Responsible Investing is designed to keep your investment portfolio from unknowingly capitalizing today’s cultural deficit. By actively keeping your money out of the hands of those who profit at the expense of our society, you increase their cost of capital, and give them a taste of cultural and moral accountability.

BRI is designed to address these crucial issues and offer the investor an opportunity to protect their money from endorsing and capitalizing the very cultural problems they are fighting against.


We seek to avoid profiting from owning companies engaged in sinful activities that bring physical and spiritual loss to our fellow man. Our heart’s desire is to help our clients achieve their life-long financial goals while assisting them to be faithful stewards of the wealth given to them by God. Many people would be surprised to know that in the Bible there are over 2,350 references to money and possessions. God cares about what we do with that which he has entrusted to us.

Christian Values Investing screens over 18,000 mutual fund portfolios and 31,0000 individual stocks. We identify securities that are promoting or profiting form

  1. Pornography
  2. Abortion
  3. Anti-family Entertainment,
  4. Alcohol
  5. Gambling
  6. Tobacco
  7. Companies that actively promote lifestyles contrary to biblical beliefs.