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What Makes Us Special?

Auto Shine can't control the weather, the pollen, or that inconsiderate driver who STOMPS on his brakes for no apparent reason causing you to spill your coffee in your cupholders and console!

Auto Shine can't stop the bugs from splattering themselves on your bumper or windshield OR deter the birds that just love to poop on your vehicle.

But Auto Shine can clean those bugs, that coffee, and even that pesky bird poop!
BUT WAIT!!! That's not all... With the purchase of our "Works" or "Ultimate Works" wash package, you don't have to worry if it rains or if that same darn bird poops on your freshly cleaned car!

Take advantage of your CLEAN CAR GUARANTEE, and take REVENGE on that disrespectful bird! Come back as many times as you like, for 6 and 8 days respectively, and get our Famous DELUXE-XT wash at no charge!

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