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A Christmas miracle for Judah thanks to community support

Just in time for Christmas, a sweet little local, Judah , received a free Amtryke Bike. The gift comes courtesy of The Therapy SPOT and the AMBUCS organization.
Sweet Judah, who has Angelman Syndrome, received an adaptive Amtryke for Christmas thanks to the Statesboro Fire Department, The Therapy SPOT, and AMBUCS Statesboro. Credit: Brandon Robinson

Just in time for Christmas, a sweet little local, Judah, received a free Amtryke Bike. The gift comes courtesy of The Therapy SPOT and the AMBUCS organization. Both organizations work tirelessly to customize bike designs for those with mobility impairments.

The Statesboro Fire Department assembled the bikes through a donation of their time and resources. Little Judah was ecstatic was during the adaptive bike giveaway, exuding such cheer during his special Christmas giveaway.

Judah is undoubtedly one of the happiest children on the planet.


In fact, I cannot recall him frowning once during his bike gifting exchange. His joy was so tangible that you could not help but smile yourself.

Judah on Amtryke
Dr. Kai and Judah
Dr. Kai and Judah
"Dr. Kai" and Judah share excitement over his new bike (Photos: Brandon Robinson)

Judah showed up to the surprise giveaway with his mom and grandparents. Once the bike reveal was underway, Judah raced towards his new Christmas toy. He placed the accompanying "fire hat" on his head and let the smiles rip. Judah simply couldn’t contain his excitement as he beamed ear-to-ear while each camera captured the joyous exchange.

This Amtryke bike gifting (similar to the previously covered story from Monday, December 12), is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

The initial presentation of the Amtryke bike was expected to be for just one little girl who has spina bifida. Other bikes had been ordered, but ongoing supply chain issues had hindered the delivery of many of the bikes before the Christmas holidays. But as with most occurrences around the holiday season, serendipity intervened, which is what makes holiday wishes come true. The other bikes arrived in time, and now Judah has one, too.

So now, five children total have been surprised with FREE Amtryke bikes for the Christmas season. This holiday miracle has gone above and beyond the Therapy SPOT team’s expectations.


The Amtryke bikes were purchased through the AMBUCS organization (American Business Clubs). AMBUCS is a civic organization which raises the funds for these adaptive 3-wheeled bikes. The 3-wheeled bikes are custom made for individuals who cannot ride conventional bikes due to their disability. Additional financial support for these Amtrykes came from various donations from individuals and civic organizations in Statesboro. There are at least 17 more Amtrykes that have been ordered. They will all be arriving to The Therapy SPOT in the next few months and gifted to children within the Statesboro community.

Attending physical therapist, Dr. Kailee Sylvester, did substantial work in designing the Amtrykes bikes. The Therapy SPOT co-owner, Caroline Bowman (M.Ed.), has pioneered much of the progress and advancement of the Amtryke bike donations as well.

Judah’s mom says, “Judah has a neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome. Although he is nonverbal and developmentally delayed, he is the happiest little boy you will ever meet. We are so grateful to the Therapy SPOT and AMBUCS team for gifting this Amtryke bike to Judah for Christmas. This is truly a Christmas miracle for us.”

The Therapy SPOT team would like to give special thanks to the Statesboro Fire Department. The team would like to further highlight and recognize Assistant Chief Jason Baker for the building of this bike. Finally, The Therapy SPOT would like to send a special thanks all local businesses, families, and friends that have helped fund all 18 Amtrykes this year.

For more information about the AMBUCS organization and their ongoing efforts, visit their website at or visit the Statesboro AMBUCS Facebook page.