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Ronald Love installed as President of Statesboro Board of Realtors

Ronald Love, owner of Platinum Landmark Realty, was installed as the President of the Statesboro Board of Realtors in addition to a full slate of new officers and directors. They received an update from GAMLS and a wonderful Christmas message from Dr. John Waters. Read the full story for more.
Ronald Love accepts the gavel from Jeff Raines

The Statesboro Board of Realtors installed Ronald Love, owner of Platinum Landmark Realty, as the new President at their final meeting of the year on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. 

The lunch meeting was held at Uncle Shug’s Bar B Q Place on Main. Outgoing President Jeff Raines reported that there are currently 2015 total realtors, 14 affiliates, and 21 secondary affiliates who are members of the Statesboro Board of Realtors.

The full slate of 2023 officers installed included:

  • Ronald Love, President
  • Pat Hirsch, President Elect
  • Denise Miikell, Vice President
  • Taylor Franklin Davis, Secretary
  • Lisa Hendley, Treasurer
  • Jean Ricketts, Director
  • Larry Williams, Director 
  • Lauren Davis, Director
L-R: Lauren Davis, Lisa Hendley, Taylor Davis, Denise Mikell, Pat Hirsch, Jeff Raines, Jean Ricketts, Larry Williams. DeWayne Grice

Larry Williams delivered the Oath of Officer to Love, and Tracy Mallary delivered the Oath of Officer to the officers and directors.

GAMLS Check Presentation and Market Update

Muamer Music, GAMLS Marketing and Member Representative, presented a $3,000 check to support efforts of the realtors. He also gave an overview of the 2023 market conditions.

  • 203 fewer units were sold in 2023 which is a 19% decrease from 2022
  • A decrease of $17 million in sales which is a 5.9% decrease from 2022
  • Median household sales price was $270,000 an increase of $40,000 or 17.6% more than 2022

Check Presentations

Outgoing President Jeff Raines presented Christmas gifts in the form of a check to Celia Grimes, Executive Director of the Statesboro Board of Realtors. Raines thanked Celia for all of the work she does for the realtors throughout the year.

Celia Grimes receives check from Jeff Raines. DeWayne Grice

Raines also presented a Christmas check to Libby Lewis as a “thank you” for her service as a server for Uncle Shugs. Libby takes extraordinary care of them throughout the year for their monthly meetings.

Jeff Raines presents check to Libby Lewis. DeWayne Grice

Anyone ruined Christmas for you? A Christmas message from Dr. John Waters

Dr. John Waters, Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Statesboro, provided the program for the meeting, which was a Christmas message.

He began by asking if anyone had ruined Christmas for you to the audience.  

“Sometimes we ruin it for ourselves. If we are not careful, Christmas is ruined because of our own choices,” said Dr. Waters. “Because of this you miss a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this special time of the year.”

He presented three choices we have to properly celebrate Christmas:

  1. Celebrate the good news, not just good times.  Good tidings were good news from the Christmas Angel. We should celebrate and reflect on the good news.  We need good news at this time. A lost loved one, a family member going through a tough time.  We ourselves need good news.  The Christmas Angel said we have good news in the form of good tidings of great joy. Choose to celebrate the good news.
  2. Celebrate the Savior not just the season.  In the Gospel of Luke chapter 2 it says a savior who was born.  A baby Savior. We should celebrate him, not the season of the year.  Instead of celebrating the season, let's all focus on the story of the baby being born.  Seasons don't mend hearts, bring hope, peace and grace, but the Christ child does.
  3. Celebrate your faith, not just your feelings.  The shepherds went and saw Mary, Joseph and the baby. They marveled at how this could be.  Then Mary pondered all of this in her heart.  They were overwhelmed. Christmas invokes a range of emotions.  The first Christmas without a loved one can be a difficult time. A divorce or other personal issues can be difficult.  The pendulum of emotions has a wide arch.  From joy to hurt, pain, loneliness and anxiety.  Emotions are powerful.  Feelings are powerful.  Christmas brings them out.

“We can’t control the crazy neighbor, uncle with no filter, or difficult family members. But you can control what you do yourself,” said Dr. Waters.  “Celebrate good news, not just good times.  Savor the Savior not season. Focus on faith not feelings in your heart.  With that we will receive good tidings of great joy for all people.”

Dr. John Waters delivers a Christmas message. DeWayne Grice

The realtors will meet again on January 24, 2024, at the Venues at OTC. This meeting will be their annual awards ceremony.