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Franklin Toyota promotes Kyle Sherfesee to General Manager

Franklin Automotive group has promoted Kyle Sherfesee to General Manager of Franklin Toyota in Statesboro.
L-R: Stephen Franklin, Lehman Franklin, Kyle Sherfesee, Shae Sherfesee, Dan Cook (Siloh and Chapel Sherfesee)

Lehman Franklin of Franklin Automotive Group in Statesboro, announced last week the promotion of Franklin Toyota’s General Sales Manager Kyle Sherfesee to General Manager for Franklin Toyota.

“This is a great day for Franklin Automotive as one of our own, Kyle Sherfesee, becomes General Manager of the Toyota store,” said Lehman Franklin.  “Kyle has the character, integrity and leadership ability needed to take the store into the future.  I am confident that he will continue to advance our culture of servant leadership and putting the customer first, and this community, first.”

A native of Rockmart, GA, Kyle joined the Army National Guard where he worked for four years.  He then joined Rockmart Fire Services for two years, before entering the automotive industry.

He began as a sales associate with Heritage Honda before moving on to Grainger Honda and Savannah Toyota before joining the Franklin Toyota team in 2016 as a sales associate.

Franklin Toyota team with Kyle Sherfesee. Special

Some of Kyle’s accomplishments in the industry include:

  • 43 Vehicles sold as a sales associate in a given month May of 2016 (Savannah Toyota)
  • 5-year member of Southeast Toyota Pro’s program as a manager. (Top 40 managers in Southeast Toyota selected yearly)
  • #3 New Car Manager in Southeast Toyota 2019.
  • Sales Excellence in Management 2019-2022
  • NADA Academy Graduate, Class N407 2023
  • Southeast Toyota General Manager Evaluation Graduate 2024.
  • Promoted to General Manager officially 1/4/2024. 

“I plan to only build Franklin Toyota as a brand and grow our business to serve more of Bulloch County and the surrounding areas. I believe that the Employees of Franklin Toyota are the most valuable assets, and if we can build a culture where the employees love their job. I think our customers will in turn have a much more pleasurable experience at Franklin Toyota,” said Kyle Sherfesee.

“My vision is to grow our employees so that they can all reach the full potential of their abilities whether it be with Franklin Toyota or with another company. Over the past 3 years we have changed our mindset to the car business, we want this to be a place we all love coming to and not just a job. I am a firm believer in that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

I am competitive and driven, the pride of seeing growth, change, and accomplishments met are what motivate me day in and out. My grandfather always said 'there are only two ways to do something: the right way and again.' We plan to get it right at Franklin Toyota.” 

Kyle shared his favorite quote by Dr. Rick Rigsby: “Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity; pride is the burden of a foolish person.”

Kyle Sherfesee is married to Shae, and they have two sons, Siloh and Chapel.