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Core Credit Union Fuels Annual Scholarship Funds Again

Bob Clampett, President/CEO, Core Credit Union donates $4,000 to scholarship fund for Bulloch Retired Educators Scholarship Foundation Inc. (BRESFI) to help fund annual education scholarships.
Gwendolyn Yarbrough accepts check from Bob Clampett

Bob Clampett, President/CEO, Core Credit Union presented a $4,000 check to the Bulloch Retired Educators Scholarship Foundation Inc. (BRESFI) to help fund annual education scholarships.

This is the eighth year Clampett has personally made the presentation to BREASFI. BREASFI member Dr. Gwendolyn Yarbrough accepted the check at their quarterly meeting held at Pittman Park Church on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

CORE began contributing $1,000 annually but have now increased their contribution to $4,000 annually. Each year BREASFI provides four $1,000 scholarships.

BREA meeting attendees . DeWayne Grice

The purpose of these scholarships is to honor and assist high school seniors from the Bulloch County, Georgia, schools who are planning to enter teaching as a career. Students who would like to apply for these scholarships should contact their school counselors.

The Central Ogeechee Regional Educators (CORE) Credit Union was founded in 1974 as Bulloch County School Employees Credit Union. The effort to begin a credit union was led by Hubert P. Tankersley Jr., then an elementary school principal, along with Jerry Brown, John W. Harris, Leffler H. Akins, Ginny Lockwood, Sarah Ayers Smith, Grace D. Smith and Louis M. Woodrum, who was superintendent of schools at the time.

The credit union will celebrate its 50th year in business this year and is the only locally owned financial institution in Bulloch County owned by its members. They are serving nearly 16,000 members (1 in 8 Bulloch County citizens as members of the credit union) with over $142 million in assets and employ over 50.

"This my eight year making this presentation.  My wife, Kathy Clampett, is a career educator serving for 35 years.  We hold true to the mission of our founders as a nonprofit, member owned cooperative which gives back in many different ways to our community," said Bob Clampett. "CORE Credit Union and our team members are always behind the scenes in our community helping where we can."

Staying true to their founding mission of helping and supporting educators, CORE Credit Union supports a variety of educators and educational efforts in Bulloch County in addition to these scholarships.

To date there have been 31 recipients of education partnerships provided in partnership with CORE Credit Union and the BREASFI.

AMBA Presentation

Lisa McKenzie with Association Member Benefit Advisors (AMBA) benefits was the speaker for the meeting.  "I grew up as a foster care child in Atlanta and lived in 14 different places.  School was my safe place, my anchor, my hugs, my love and my only role model.  I was abandoned at 13.  Thanks to teachers pouring themselves into me I have had a wonderful life and I thank you all so much.  You have angle wings and halos," said Lisa McKenzie.

Lisa McKenzie AMBA Representative. DeWayne Grice

AMBA has over 20 million members.  They are retired educators partners in growing their membership base and help make sure retired teachers are aware of all of the benefits available and are taking advantage of all of them.  They also help educate you on Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA) benefit changes and other member benefits.  

One AMBA benefit is their My passport which is a totally free discount program that provides rental car discounts, cruise & vacation benefits, appliance discounts and computer discounts to name a few that is included as an AMBA benefit.  This is an $80 annual benefit.

Lisa can help GREA members make sure you are using all of your benefits.  Lisa is available for a free benefit review.  You can reach her by calling 770-616-8276 or by email at [email protected]

Are you a retired educator? Join Bulloch County Retired Educators Association

The Bulloch County Retired Educators Association (BREA) they are a local organization associated with the Georgia Retired Educators Association. Like the statewide organization the local organization has a mission to unite retired local educators for fellowship, support and education and community services opportunities.

BREA now has 132 members.  Their officers include:

  • Glennera Martin, President
  • Pamela Bland, President-Elect
  • Alison Goggans, Secretary
  • Johnny Tremble, Treasurer
  • Beth Persinger, Parliamentarian & Past President
  • Dr. Connie S. Cooper, GREA Area 6 Director
  • Joe Boland, GREA State President

The BREA meets quarterly for lunch and would love for you to join them. To learn more about joining the local organization you can email Priscilla Clifton, Membership chair at [email protected] or Johnny Tremble, Treasurer BREA at jtrembl[email protected]. Annual memberships begin at $20.